Important Informations


Wien-Rundumadum is an Ultra-/Trailrun. The races starts in the heart of Vienna, right beside the UNO-City at the river Danube an then head to the forrests, hills, canals and parks of the green belt, which surrounds the city. Stunning views guaranteed. Only an exclusive number of 500 runners can enter the 7th edition of „Wien Rundumadum“, which translates to „Around Vienna“. The event will take place on October 31st, 2020.




We have 6 different events for you:

- 130 kilometers single (start time 5:30 o'clock)

- 88 kilometers single (start time 8:30 o'clock)

- 61 kilometers single (start time 11:30 o'clock)

- 42 kilometers single (start time 13:30 o'clock)

- 130 kilometers relay (2-6 pax) (start time 8:30 o'clock)

- 61 kilometers relay (2-4 pax) (start time 11:30 o'clock)


Here you can find all courses. Refreshment points are marked with "Verpflegung #"




You can find the location of the venue here.




You can enter under the following link:


Entry Fee:


You find the different entry fees for the events here


Check-In times:


130km (Single und Relay) - Sportcenter Donaucity

Friday, October 30th 16:00 until 19:00 o'clock

88km (Single) - Sportcenter Donaucity

Saturday, October 31st 6:00 until 07:45 o'clock

61km (Single und Relay) - Sportcenter Donaucity

Saturday, October 31st 09:00 until 10:45 o'clock

42km (Single) - Nationalparkhaus Lobau

Saturday, October 31st 11:30 until 12.45 o'clock



The backback you have to carry during the run must contain the following:

  • Headlight
  • batteries (for the headlight)
  • mobilephone
  • GPS Tracker (from organisation)
  • routebook (from organisation)
  • reflective clothing (for the night)
  • water bottle
  • rain jacket
  • rescue blanket
  • little first aid box
  • drinking cup (no cups at refreshment points)


Refreshment points


We have 7 refreshment points, here you find where they are located


Course Signs


We have different signs on the course. You can find them here




For the race you can cede dropbags. 2 for the 130/88km and 1 for the 61km. We will bring them to the refreshment points.




We can recommend the hotel directly at the venue of start and finish Sportcenter Donaucity (DR 70€, SR 47€) or the Lenas Donau Hotel (DR 70€, SR 50€) which is located just 8 minutes walking distance from the starting area. Please write an e-mail to or with the code "Wien-Rundumadum"


You can also sleep at the venue in the seminar room. This is for free. Please bring your own sleeping stuff.



If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will try to answer all of your questions as good as possible.

Telephone: +43 660/ 240 24 04



In this video you can see some impressions from the run. Have fun!